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Sommerkonferansen 2019 | Harstad

My PhD project presentation at Summer Conference 2019, Harstad / UiT TheArctic University of Norway.

My Ph.D. project is a part of the larger interdisciplinary project of UiT the Arctic University of Norway’s strategic project, which is called Population Studies in the North. It aims to contribute to the health and living conditions of future generations by providing more and better knowledge. The Norwegian Historical Data Centre is leading this project in collaboration with the Stein Rokkan Research Group for Quantitative Social and Political Science at the Department of Social Sciences. The project aims to develop data and analytics infrastructure that will support critical Norwegian policies research on the long-term and define intergenerational determinants of inequality in health. With this project, the Tromsø Study, the Historical Population Register, the Central Population Register (1964), and Cause of Death Register (1950 - ) will be linked at the individual level and across generations. Therefore, I will be able to analyze the intergenerational health and health behavior changes over a longer period than is currently possible.

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